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Part One Of Our Leasing Guide

Office Space Guide

A guide will help make finding office space quick and easy

Finding Your Space: What Property is Right for You?

Leasing your commercial business property is an exciting time. After all, this is a big step in a new direction for you and your team; you get to select an office space that helps define who you are as a business! Before you start your search, there are several things to consider – from location to whether or not the space can accommodate your business’s growth plan.

Most importantly, you have to decide on your budget ahead of time so that you can make sure you’re looking at renting a valuable property with all the right updates that isn’t over-priced or too big of an expense for your business to take on. Making a wish list of the qualities you’re looking to find in your new office building can help you stay on track when touring spaces.


Finding an office space that’s in the perfect location is the biggest consideration for most prospective tenants, and for good reason. Location is truly everything when you’re running a business. You want a professional space that’s easily accessible to your clients and customers, very literally putting you on their map when they’re considering working with you. You also want to provide a convenient, painless commute for you and your employees, which promotes a positive work-life balance and can increase work productivity.

Rich Young Company leases space to our tenants at the Josey Offices location because we understand that location is important, which is why we make it easy by providing spaces for lease on Josey Lane – north of Rosemeade Parkway and a mile from Baylor Medical Center. The offices are just north of George Bush and just west of the Tollway, making them accessible to Carrolton locals and people coming in from the surrounding areas.


Your office space needs to represent your unique business, but it also needs to fit in your budget. Take a look at your budget before you tour any commercial spaces. If you’re feeling overwhelmed when you look at the numbers, you’re not alone. Your rental costs can be your business’s largest expense, and trying to decide what you’d like in an office space while keeping a realistic budget in mind can be intimidating.

The Josey Offices provide an excellent value option to our tenants. We are regularly renovated and install frequent building updates that increase the property’s quality, but we price our rental rates fairly with small businesses and tight budgets in mind. We want you to have the best possible space for your business to grow and thrive in without draining your tight budget.

Amenities and Aesthetics

Some commercial space amenities seem like a given, while others may be specific to your needs. Do you want a paved pa